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Your Exclusive Dimension One Spas® Dealer in Boise, Idaho

Patio Life is proud to be your exclusive Dimension One Spas® dealer in the Meridian and Boise area. Depending on your budget and which specific design features you desire, we offer the Bay® Collection, the Reflections® Collection, and the At Home® Collection from Dimension One Spas®. Each of these collections has a distinct shape and features to deliver a superior performance for our customers. Due to exclusive patents, you can only find these distinctive designs from these collections and nowhere else.

Amore Bay® spa from The Bay® Collection at Dimension One Spas®

Transform Your Backyard into an Oasis with The Bay® Collection

Transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis with something from The Bay® Collection. The Bay® Collection comes in Amore Bay®, Lotus Bay®, Sarena Bay®, and Dupree Bay®. Each model comes with “his and her” seats, patented Flex Therapy Pillows™, Dynamic Massage Sequencer for full-body massage, lights, fountains, and healing jets designed to relax you and your guests thoroughly.

the Chairman II™ spa from The Reflections® Collection at Dimension One Spas®

Alleviate Sore Muscles and Stress with The Reflections® Collection

The Reflections® Collection features healing hydrotherapy jets to alleviate sore muscles and reduce stress. Available in the Executive®, the Diplomat™, the Aurora™, the Seville®, the Nautilus™, the Chairman II™, the Californian™, the Triad™, and the Nautique™, this collection of hot tubs comes in unique shapes with adjustable Jet Therapy® pillows, full-body hydromassage options, and powerful accent jets, so you can immerse yourself for head-to-toe therapy.

the Dream™ spa from The At Home® Collection at Dimension One Spas®

Relaxing Family Fun Made Possible with The At Home® Collection

The At Home® Collection makes relaxing family fun possible at affordable price points for every budget. The At Home® Collection includes the Arena™, the Breeze™, the Dream™, the Journey™, the Latitude™, the Meridian™, the Serenade™, the Sojourn™, and the Wayfarer™ models, all of which have been designed to boast the best performance in their class. With barrier-free seating, adjustable waterfalls, and powerful hydrotherapy features available in various models, backyard entertaining will be a breeze!

Visit Our Showroom or Contact Us to Inquire about These Hot Tubs

Please contact Patio Life or visit our showroom in Meridian, Idaho to discuss the many benefits of investing in Dimension One Spas® products. Your body will thank you after every soak in these one-of-a-kind hot tubs and spas!

Family. Fun. Relax. Gather. Entertain.